You can be a part of our vital 12-month effort to "Finish the Race."

Acts 20:24, " only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me..."  Our challenge is to raise $250,000 over the next 12-months to create a healthy-giving footprint as we adjust to the current and foreseeable circumstances surrounding Graceview.  

We challenge you to do 4 things:

  1. BELIEVE that we worship a God who still intervenes and does things that defy logic and trend
  2. STAY STRONG in your regular giving
  3. PRAY for God to show you how you can contribute to, "Finish the Race" challenge, above your regular giving
  4. YOUR GIVING must be an act of faith.  Please hear us!!  No matter which level of participaton your giving represents, please begin contributing based on God's revelation, not by natural human reason or logic. Click"HERE" to give.  Please designate it to Finish The Race.

Matching fund has been met!! Praise God.

We still have a financial need to meet our Finish The Race $250,000 goal. Please continue to pray and give.

2:50 Prayer Time

Set the alarm on  your phone to pray with us daily at 2:50 PM. Why 2:50 PM? It reminds us of the "Finish The Race" challenge to raise $250,000 by May of 2021. God may bring it through you, or some source we do not presently know about, but we are asking bodly!! James 4:2 says," do not have, because you do not ask God."

Pray BOLDLY along-side us:

  • Ask God to expidite the sale of the hwy 249 campus for a fair or exceeding market value
  • Ask God to bolster growth in church attender's giving
  • Ask God to give wisdom to church leadership in using church funds
  • Ask God to resolve architectural issues for His benefit
  • Ask God to resolve water & county issues for His benefit
  • Ask God to bless and challenge church leadership especially the finance and buidling committees, to strengthen their faith
  • Ask God how He wants you to help the financial challenge

You can give at this link, "FINISH THE RACE"