THANK YOU GRACEVIEW!                          July 23, 2020

 I have exciting news!

Around the first of June I,  shared that we had been given a wonderful opportunity to receive $75,000 in funding from an anonymous donor through the Texas Baptist Missions Foundation. The gift was to be a matching fund proposal.  When we reached the amount of the pledge, we would receive the full amount. It was quite a challenge.  The funds are much needed as we move closer to the completion of our Telge construction project.  We called it the "Finish the Race" campaign. As of July 22, through your faithful and generous giving, we've reached the $75,000 and even exceeded it!  The LORD worked through you to do it in less than eight weeks!

As you read this, I hope you'll stop and give thanks to the LORD for his faithfulness to us. Remember the challenge in May to raise an additional $250,000, over and above our regular offerings?  "Finish The Race" has certainly helped toward that goal, however, we still have many needs beyond the $150,000 that FTR has generated so far. I know that in times like we're experiencing now, it will take a miracle from God to meet all our needs, but we do have a miracle-working God, don't we? I believe the $75,000-plus you've given since the first of June proves that, and I'm trusting that every need we have will continue to be met by God's graceful provision, even though it is a walk of faith.

Remember, Paul said we don't walk by sight, but by faith. As the LORD has met our needs through you to this point, I hope you're counting on Him, as I am, to help us complete the project. I just wanted to say a heartfelt "THANK YOU, GRACEVIEW", for being so faithful and generous. It's going to be exciting to see how the LORD continues His work in us, through you!  ~ Pastor Bryan