diy a share plate

DIY at home or meet with friends for a group craft

Supplies: Glass/ceramic oven-safe plate, oil based glass markers, Share Plate QR Code, & your creativity (Gallery)

  1. Wash and dry plate
  2. Write on the plate, phrases such as: "The Sharing Plate", "enjoy, refill, pass", "take, enjoy,refill,"etc.
  3. Bake the plate at 350 degrees for 30 min for the ink to set. Allow the plate to completely cool -rinse after it's cooled
  4. Apply the QR code to the back of the plate ( Church office can provide)
  5. Add fresh baked or store bought goodies
  6. Pray: for boldness, ask the Holy Spirit to fill you, ask for God's direction as you interact with your neighbor
  7. Share the plate with a neighbor
  8. Encourage your neighbor to refill the plate to share with someone else
  9. Don't forget to tell them to scan the QR code - FUN! It's an opportunity to share more information about Christ and Graceview. We can track the plate as it travels from neighbor to neighbor if they submit the form attached to the QR code. #graceviewshareplate

If you have difficulty transistioning everyday conversation into Gospel Conversations we suggest you read

"Turning Everyday Conversations Into Gospel Conversations" and attending our next class of the same name.