Welcome to our fast & prayer page for our beloved ministry, ELC.

We hope you have spent a few days in prayer, and examining your heart in confession and repentance so you can rightly stand before God today with ELC’s specific requests. If you have not done that yet, please stop here and take care of your personal standing with God.  If you can, please write down what God is showing you. You will be amazed what God will do thru a group of people focused on the same specific subject.


NOTE: No fasting rules. Your fast should reflect your medical needs. You can easily google fasting techniques ie. juice, water, no food, etc. *The purpose of a fast is to reduce or eliminate something you are dependent on to bring humility and focus on God.

Matthew 6:9-10

“Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Your name Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”

Recognizing that You are the LORD GOD, holy in all Your ways, our Father, Who gives us a Kingdom inheritance and authority, we ask:

7 a.m. - For the gospel to be heard, believed, received, and manifested in the lives of our Graceview family, entrusting ourselves to the word and work of God, giving praise to Him only!

8 a.m. - People will come together to pray with expectancy as a united family.

9 a.m. - For each to see God’s intimate, personal activity in their lives through this experience and collectively as a Kingdom people.

10 a.m. - For an undeniable outpouring of the Spirit upon ELC families and staff and the Graceview family, that results in a culture of love.

11 a.m. - For God to prepare the families for whatever plan of transition that must be taken, giving them a spirit of hope, security, and patience

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