Welcome to our fast & prayer page for our beloved ministry, ELC.

Matthew 6:13

“And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil”

Heeding the Jesus’ reminder of how dangerous and extensive the appeal of sin is to the flesh and that we have an active, yet defeated enemy who desires to rule over us, we submit to the reign and rule of God, asking in the dominion given to us by Christ:

5 p.m. - To have grace, both for need our need and to extend to others, to pleasingly walk through this together

6 p.m. - For the ELC staff and families to have assurance of help and support during the transition no matter what scenario plays out

7 p.m. - For God’s love and word to purify and drive Graceview’s mission to love, make disciples, and restore lives by embracing one another and the ELC community with the gospel

8 p.m. - For each to bear the armor of God, recognizing the enemy and his schemes, and for strength for the battles

9 p.m. - That we would battle the enemy and not each other or any flesh and blood

Thank you so much for participating with us. We pray that God has blessed you for your obedience and for supporting a ministry that we 100% know that God wants to use to bring people into the family of God.  Be sure to get some rest and continue to pray for the ELC. God bless you!