Spirit Walk

What if...?

The family of Graceview spent 9-weeks studying "Spirit Walk," by Steve Smith. It is a method and a calling to Walk with the Holy Spirit.

The book was never meant to be end-all. Matter of fact, it is meant to be just the beginning of the daily practice of  walking with the Holy Spirit.


What if you just didn't get understanding?

What if it was too much information at once?

What if you didn't feel any changes?

What if you didn't study and practice with us?

What if...?

This is your opportunity to get understanding and an opportunity for change in your relationship with Christ. This is exciting news!

To walk in the Spirit isn't just a fad or a time of epmphasis. It is the daily disicpline of:

-Surrendering to God's will daily

-Waiting in prayer

-Avoiding Sin

-Pursuing God

Beginning January 15 at 9 am, Pastor Bryan & Rob Thrower will lead sessions to help guide you in the daily walk with the Holy Spirit.