Help at the Pumpkin Patch

Our church family will be blessed as we fellowship, work together, and make relational connections with the people in our community, The Pumpkin Patch will financially help support the building of the ELC playground. If you would like to work the Pumpkin Patch Click Here. Scroll down to see how you can donate towards the Pumpkin Patch and Family Night. 

Please donate these items: 

Rice Krispie Treats *

Gold Fish *

Veggie Straws*

Fall (black and orange) Oreo cookie packs *

Assorted Seasonal Candy (candy coated chocolate, like M&Ms)

Bottled Water

*INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED (easily found at Sam’s)


Wagons to borrow for unloading pumpkins and for guests to shop with.


Items should be dropped off at the back of the Worship Center