What is your part?

We look forward to families dedicating their lives to raise a child in the way he/she should go on behalf of their children on April 11, but they are not and should not stand alone. There are 3 parts to this dedication. There's God's part, the dedicating family's part, and …


…your part. At the dedication ceremony, you will be asked to acknowledge your part: to accept, love, and mentor these families.  You can help parents by mentoring, encouraging, praying for them… and to be with their kids - from babies through their teen years.  They need you to pray for them, and BE with them inside and outside of the church walls. Simple ways to be with kids - help in a preschool Bible study, be with the kids at worship-time, hang out with a student on game night, babysit, take them out to lunch, be available if they have questions. There are tons of opportunities to be with kids and disciple them. It will take the entirety of the Graceview family to give these children a strong foundation, and for them to not stray from the Gospel, or the church as they grow up.

Contact Daniel Hobbs to see where you can fit in. And if you have an idea of how to minister to our kids, let Daniel know.

Email: dhobbs@graceview.org