July 31, 2020

Dear leaders and influencers,

In this present time, staff realizes the need to over-communicate for connection in the church body and in the community.  Our challenge is to create new strategies for ministry: resources, services, education, and even prayer, online.  We hope, one day very soon, to meet face to face and minister in person; but for now, this is what you and I can do.  “Graceview Online”  will continue even when we are able to meet in person, and we will continue to improve its effectiveness.  Our main communication tools are: our website, Facebook, YouTube, ZOOM, and mass texting.  These are used to reach the lost, the hurting, the church family, and the prodigal for the Kingdom like we have never seen before.  You can see this as another doorway for people to enter into Graceview.  Please take a few moments right now to pray for God to use these tools through Graceview to reach thousands of people with the Gospel message.

Graceview Online is the new reality.  This is how you can actively participate in connecting with each other and with friends and family for Christ.

  • Please be intentional about visiting our website, regularly, to find the latest information
  • Visit our prayer wall on our website to either pray for someone else or add your requests
  • Be intentional about sharing Facebook/Instagram posts
  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel for church services
  • Be intentional to invite your friends to our online services
  • Share comments during church services – this is how we praise God together online
  • Email or text friends an invitation to online Bible study
  • Be intentional to “Like” and “Share” Graceview prayer-time live at 10:45 a.m. on Facebook
  • Use Messenger to share private prayers
  • Engage your small group in ZOOM meetings
  • And please teach them all to share the aforementioned

We Thank you in advance for intentionally connecting to others in every way possible.  Your sharing is the most effective way for Graceview to communicate the heart and Ministry of Jesus.