Do you need a boost in your faith and relationships?

Are you actively listening to God?

HEARTWalk is a 21-day journaling tool to guide you as you draw closer to God. He gives clarity to His purposes for you, and your church community, as you walk with Him through His Words and in Prayer. Let's seek God and His mission for Graceview together.

The first day in our faith journey together is January 10.
The materials are not dated so you can use them again.



Week 1His Empowering Presence

Day 1    Day 2    Day 3    Day 4  Day 5    Day 6   Day 7

Week 2Renewed Mission and Vision

Day 8    Day 9    Day 10  Day 11  Day 12  Day 13  Day 14

Day 15  Day 16  Day 17  Day 18  Day 19  Day 20  Day 21