SOAP is a method of reading scriptures from the Holy Bible, and applying to your life.  Spending time in the Bible, thinking about what it says, and praying to God about how He can help you in your family, and other relationships, is a healthy daily habit.

Here's how it works:

1. Pick a few friends or family members to join.

2. Pick/create a daily reading plan & share it with your group.

3. Each person spend daily time in God's word using SOAP.


Write down the scripture reference for the chapter that you will be reading today. (example: Mark 15)



Write down the things that stood out to you, what you learned, or what God is saying to you? These journal entries can be short and simple. This is not a Bible study, but rather a process to allow God to change you through His word.



Write down ways that this scripture applies to you. What do you need to do or change about your life? Is there something you need to start doing, or stop doing?



Write down a prayer about the scripture you read today.

4. Meet weekly with your group. Take turns sharing what God has done throughout the week in daily time in God's word and prayer. God will do great things in you, your family and other relationships as you spend time in God’s word together.

If you need help getting started, click "here."

Need help finding a reading schedule?  Start with "this one."