SOAP is a method of reading and applying scriptures from the Holy Bible, then apply it to your life and relationships.

Start by spending time in praising God first- however long it takes for you to surrender yourself to God and his will. This may also be a time of repentance. Then:


Read God’s word slowly and thoughtfully

Reread the passage again, aloud. You may even use different translations. Write it down any words, phrases or verses that stand out. Need a reading plan, start with "this one."



What does the passage say about God?

What does the passage say about people?

What does the passage say about obedience? (a sin to repent of, a promise to believe, an example to follow, a command to obey?



I Will -What is God calling you to do in response to the scripture?

Share – Who needs to hear this?



Thank Him for His love and instruction. Ask God to help you hide His word In your heart and to help you have wisdom, strength, and courage to obey.

If you need help getting started, click "here."