Welcome to the Eric Paddy Memorial Disc Golf Course

We are so excited to present this opportunity to our community. Eric was a vital part of the life of Graceview and, more importantly, to the kingdom of God. His passion for the people around him to know the name of Jesus and experience a relationship with Him personally was contagious. It is in his honor that we are building a disc golf course on the campus of Graceview. Our goal in this is to be an accessible and inclusive place for those with all kinds of abilities to enjoy. 

Who is Eric Paddy?

Eric Paddy’s life was defined by his family, faith, friends and, oh yes, football. He was a lifelong fan of the sport, played in high school and for part of his college days, and coached a junior high team for a few years.

During the course of his life, he changed his game plan multiple times —starting and stopping college several times, switching majors, dabbling in business and banking — but when he landed on his purpose, working with people with differing abilities, and fell in love with Heather Williams, he found a strategy that scored the goal of a most wonderful life. And he knew it. When his son William Henry was born, it was his Super Bowl of life victory.

Eric was born in Houston and, except for a couple of brief periods, lived most of his life in the area. His death at the age of 44 from colorectal cancer was unpredictably rapid.

Eric had a knack for being able to communicate with everyone — celebrities and those with special needs alike — with uncommon ease. He also had a gift for turning an ordinary event into an extraordinarily funny story. While he sometimes sounded like a grumpy old man — a young curmudgeon who pretended not to like people — his actions revealed a soft spot for those who became part of his life. He was an encyclopedia of all things Texas, a memory bank of movie lines and music lyrics, and a repository of funny and useless information. He kept his family entertained by changing the words to popular songs and singing to them and by giving them the news of the day with his own spin.

His faith was strong. He knew the only Bible some people would read was a believer’s life and he did his best to live in such a way that the Gospel message was clear: Jesus loves you just the way you are. He kept it simple and never pretended to be something other than who he was; an imperfect, beloved child of God.

Because he enjoyed all kinds of outdoor activities, particularly those that brought family and friends together to have fun and laugh, this disc golf course is intended to honor Eric’s life and memory. Those who wish to support it can do so by donating through this website or mailing a check to Graceview Baptist Church, PO Box 1927, Tomball, TX 77377. Please put Eric Paddy Memorial Disc Golf Course in the subject line. 

When you donate or play the course, you are asked to remember that tomorrow is not a promise. If there’s something you want to do, please do it now in Eric’s memory. Eric, however, would encourage you to not always be doing — sometimes the best thing is just to go sit with

your loved ones and enjoy their presence.

Thank you for being part of Eric’s life — even though you may never have known him.

Why Disc Golf?

Disc Golf is a sport similar to ball golf in which the goal of the game is to finish the course with the least amount of "strokes" or throws possible. It is also one of the fastest growing sports in the world. During the pandemic, many people were looking for a way to get together in a safe, responsible way. Disc golf provided an avenue for this to happen which has led to a boom in the amount of players

The beauty of the sport is that it does not require a person to be the greatest athlete or at peak physical ability. This is the guiding principle behind the Eric Paddy DGC. Our course will be the standard for inclusive and accessible disc golf in the Houston area. 

How to be Involved

  • We are always accepting donations for initial build of the course as well as regular maintenance of the grounds. Give Here.

    There are multiple ways to give towards so you will be able to choose your donation.

    We have Hole Sponsorships which will go toward paying for the concrete work, signs, and equipment needed for each hole.

    We have Bench Sponsorships which will be put at the tee pad of each hole.

    We also have a major expense in the walking path that will be incorporated into the design of the course.

    Any and all donations are coveted and appreciated!

  • We have three workdays planned as of right now! Click a date to sign up to volunteer for one or all of the dates!

    March 24-25

    April 21-22

    May 19-20

    June 3

    July 8

    August 26

  • Knowing Eric and his heart to see the people around him come to know the love of Jesus, this course is, first and foremost, a ministry. We want everyone that steps on the campus to know that they are a beloved child of God. We ask that you pray for the ministry that will happen through this course; that lives will be impacted for the Kingdom and that salvations will happen. Our aim is to show the people of the Tomball and surrounding areas an accurate depiction of Christ. Would you join us in prayer for these things?