Are You Growing In Grace?

"Growing in Grace," is a church-wide paradigm shift of how we think about and respond to God, the family of Graceview, and spreading the Gospel of Jesus.  This page is dedicated to the financial aspect of "Growing in Grace," and the churches response to church finances. Team Rev's part is to find different ways to increase revenue for our church that will honor God, promote discipleship and reconciliation. You can give at this "LINK."

The overflow produces generosity, and thereby, a healthy financial standing. Generosity can be observed in many ways through discipleship, forbearance, and through tithes and offerings.

It's a Win-Win

Team Rev will partner with Ministries and Action Teams to shift the present paradigm to focus on what God has already called us to do, love one another as He has loved us. We will flourish together as a family through worship, discipleship, restoration, and reconciliation, and build healthy finances to advance ministry.

As we all are further sanctified, and as we grow closer together, we will desire to follow Jesus' command to love one another as He has loved us. We will obey His commandment to go out and make disciples in our surrounding community, thus bringing more people unto salvation.


Team Rev will update the financial side of “Growing in Grace” periodically through publications, videos, and live from the stage, hopefully with your testimonies and stories about your transformation into the likeness of Christ which will build up our church family.

Our hope is your investment in Graceview, in all aspects, will result in a vibrant & growing church family.

~Zach Metz, Team Rev, Chairperson